About us

IndustryBroadcast was created in a moment of Zen that happened one morning in the place where most Zen moments come from… The Shower.

I was toiling over one disappointing aspect of almost every one of my days: That being that I have so little time outside of my 16-20 hour work day to be a human being that I never am able to sit down and read enough of the articles being published online about the games industry. Occasionally my RSS feeder throws something at me that I just have to make time for but for the most part I see the headlines of features and articles and have to regretfully click away and focus on the 65 new emails sitting in my mail box. I thought ‘God, if I could just have an LCD in the shower with me I might actually have the ability to digest the plethora of useful information regularly being shared by the top minds in our industry.”  And then an even better idea struck me: If all of this material was available in Audio Format then I, as well as fellow developers, could be listening to these amazing articles whilst working out or doing the dishes, or or or.

It took a few weeks to get my previous Todo list widdled down enough to where this idea popped back into existence and finally I had a chance at putting this great idea into action.  Shortly there after a flurry of emails went out to most of the top vocal minds in our industry, sharing the idea and asking them to join the cause.  Right off the bat we had 5 amazing and Experienced minds of our Industry: Jamie Fristrom of gamedevblog.com, Bruno Urbain of bruno-urbain.com, Daniel Cook of LostGarden.com Joris Dormans of jorisdormans.nl and Jonas Heide Smith of http://jonassmith.dk.  Shortly there after Industrybroadcast.com was born!

You can also head over to http://blog.netflowdevelopments.com and check out my personal blog and read me rant on a much lighter tone than how I am portrayed here 🙂