Audio Article #16b: The Road Not Taken – Part 2

By on 9-29-2010 in Game Design, Writing/Story Development

So here we have the second half of this impressive article.. Not only the longest piece on IB but definitely one of the longest time wise to produce for me.  That is mainly because of this new ‘Radiolab inspired’ style that I’m attempting here.  I would love love love your feedback as for how I can improve this, what’s working and what isn’t.. So don’t be shy, leave a comment below and lay it on me!

Title: ‘The Road Not Taken – The How’s and Why’s of Interactive Fiction’Part 2

Written by: Jonas Smith(

Re-Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on September 7th 2010


  1. Overall, I like it! Though to be honest, I liked the effects you had in Part 1 of this episode better than I liked the effects in this one. It was fun, and kinda cool, and made me smile sometimes, and think, oh dang, I wish I had those audacity skillz! On the first half of Part 2 though, it felt a little overdone, and the background music that was going for most of article was distracting me from what you were actually saying, so in my opinion, cutting out the music while you’re talking would be a Good Thing(tm).

    I’d also like to say “Thanks!” for throwing in that link to Radiolab, I hadn’t ever heard it before, and just wasted probably about 2 hours listening to it, which was lots of fun! 🙂 A few notes if you’re trying to imitate them: They seem to use music only in transitions between parts of the episode, not everywhere. And most of the effects felt (to me) as if they were aiding in the comprehension of what they were saying, though there may have been some thrown in there just for the heck of it.

    That’s all I really have to say, I hope I’m not coming off as overly critical or anything, I love Industry Broadcast! Thanks a ton for producing it!

  2. Ah, this is good to know, I definitely appreciate your comments.. I wanted to try it with music throughout for one to see what the response was and one without for the other.. I’ll stick to the music coming and going instead of it being all the way through, never know until you try 🙂

    It’s always something to find sounds that accentuate your point so that it sticks more vividly in the readers mind but finding exactly those right sounds and knowing how to modulate them just right is something I think I’ll be learning for many months to come.. The good news is that we can only go up from here as my skills and sound library improve.

    I’ve made it my mission to spread the love of radiolab for sure. I wrote a great piece on about it, so feel free to fire that article off to everyone you know and get more people tuned into that amazing show.. Sadly though I’m now on the last 2-3 episodes and will have to wait 1 week between listening.. Gah! Luckily however there is another show called ‘This American Life’ which was actually the inspiration for RadioLab(with radiolab being the inspiration for ‘A Life Well Wasted’). And I think there are something like 8 years of This American Life available so I’m not too heart broken as my addiction will be supplemented by another fix between RL episodes 🙂

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