Audio Article #010: The Chemistry of Game Design

By on 9-16-2010 in Game Design

We end this first series of 5 Daniel Cook articles The Chemistry of Game Design.  This fat articles goes to ask the question ‘Can we apply the same principals that science used to bring humanity out of the dark ages of Alchemy and into the enlightened understanding of Chemistry unto the Gaming industry’ .  The answer of course could help us create truly meaningful and masterfully created psychological experiences through gameplay.  It could also be an understanding that allows your game to be one of the 4% of games that actually makes a profit, so instead of ‘flying blind‘ and hoping your features will make your product enjoyable take a lesson out of Daniel’s book and increase your chances by increasing your knowledge of your craft

Title: ‘The Chemistry of Game Design’

Written by: Daniel Cook ()

Read aloud by: Re-Ryan Wiancko on September 16th 2010

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  1. That was a great article! Keep up the good work!


  1. The Chemistry of Game Design « c# to javascript, actionscript - [...] Listen to this essay. [...]

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