Audio Article #008: What actitivies can be turned into games?

By on 9-13-2010 in Game Design

We are pleased to present the 3rd Article from Daniel Cook titled “What actitivies can be turned into games?. In this article we take a look at the emergence of alternate activies being turned into video games(wii fit for example) and talk about what could possible be in store in this area of game development

Title: ‘What actitivies can be turned into games?’

Written by: Daniel Cook (

Re-Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on September 13th 2010


  1. Hi,

    Great podcast topic ! I just loved the intro music,what is it’s name/author ?

    Keep up the good work !


    Julio Pescuite
    CooperGames – Cooperative Game Development
    julio [at] coopergames [dot] com [dot] br

  2. Thanks! I think I’ve only had one complaint about the music so far but I absolutely love it so much that I could have 1000 complaints and not really care that much.. The patience, skill and talent required to make something so beautiful out of only 8 bits astounds me time and time again.

    I just emailed you a little present though, hope you enjoy it!

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