Audio Article #001: Production Testing and Bug Tracking

By on 9-02-2010 in Management’s Premier Audio Article. In this Article we go over ideas and suggestions for streamlining the way you structure your bug testing in order to stop problems early and prevent your development cycle from turning into ‘a living hell’

Title: ‘Production Testing and Bug Tracking’

Written by: Jamie Fristrom (

ReRead aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on Sept 2nd, 2010


  1. Glad to see you back in business! 🙂

  2. Glad to be back in business! I’m giddy to start going through new keygen music to be honest

  3. Sound glitches at
    Really annoying.
    The theme song is long.

    Great work though, the orginals were barely listenable. You’ve gotten better.

  4. Not sure what was up with those sound glitches, if it wasn’t such a long bloody article I’d re-record it but redoing 2 hours of podcasting is FAR more annoying that dealing with 10 seconds of glitches a few times.

    As for the theme song, it’s the same 30 seconds as the rest of them which is average, some of the more epic amazing tunes will no doubt be even longer, although I’ve really only found one or two so far out of 150 odd articles that were worthy of that. Music that amazing needs to be celebrated and savored, not rushed 🙂

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