Come on Come all – IB is Back in Business!

By on 9-01-2010 in Audio Articles

Very excited to announce that I just finished recording the first audio article in almost a year.  For the next short while I will be re-recording the first 50 or 60 audio articles on this website due to their incredibly poor quality.

I can say it feels great to have Audacity open and reading the words of some of the brilliant minds of our industry!  I hope you guys all enjoy the new goodness coming your way!


  1. Great news! The audio quality is noticeably better, and it will be nice to revisit the first articles got this blog started.

  2. Yay! I’m so happy you’re back! 😀 I’ve been missing IB

  3. yea, it’s great to be recording again

  4. well that and I don’t sound like an MS text to speech robot

  5. I’m happy that one of the best game dev podcasters is back on air! I’ve listened to every show you’ve recorded so far. Just started downloading your new stuff.

    I’m excited!

  6. Definitely! I’m super excited to be going through these again. We’ve got a bucket load of amazing articles in the pipeline, it’s going to be an excited rest of the year getting them out to you guys!

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