Audio Article #157(A+B): Immersion + Witnesses

By on 10-27-2009 in Game Design

Philippe Ringuette-Angrignon has returned to grace the IB with more insight, today dealing with two related topics.  Firstly being that of immersion, some important do’s and don’ts for this all too important goal of game design.  The second topic on the agenda is a theory on increasing the sense of agency in the game through in-game witnesses.  Postulating that with an audience to witness the players activities, be it real or not, the level of agency will increase leading to a much better gaming experience.

Title A: Immersion – Keeping the shadow puppeteer behind the screen” – Original Article

Title B: Witnesses – Giving the player the impression that his actions matter” – Original Article

Written by: Philippe Ringuette-Angrignon (

Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on Oct 28th, 2009

FlatRedBall framework for XNA found at

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