Audio Article #140: Making Games Speak for Themselves

By on 8-25-2009 in Game Design is proud to welcome another wonderful author who is graciously sharing his insight and knowledge with us all.  His name is Philippe Ringuette-Angrignon and his website is   Please note that in today’s article I said that his blog is at instead of, before I realized the mistake the podcast as recorded, mixed, sampled and exported.  So hopefully he will forgive me for that 🙂

Title: Making Games Speak for Themselves” – Original Article

Dedicated to: Vic, creator of the Flat Red Ball XNA Framework

Written by: Philippe Ringuette-Angrignon (

Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on Aug 25th, 2009

FlatRedBall framework for XNA found at

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  1. Thank you for sharing this insight. There is a lot of truth in it. Especially with more and more free-to-play games out there, users try more and stick with less products as they did just five years ago. Meeting expectations always must consider what background the potential audience has. If you target to an unexperienced (often called casual) audience, you cannot expect them to have a broad background your product can speak to.
    Again, thanks for sharing.

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