Audio Article #103 – The 4 types of player-creators

By on 4-25-2009 in Game Design is proud to add Marek Bronstring to our prominent list of contributors.  Today’s article goes into the 4 basic types of Player-Creators responsible for the custom made content we are seeing today’s games.  There creativity can be further harnessed to create more succesfull products in the future.

Today we are also trying a little bit of a different format with the audio articles.  Each article from this day onwards will have a new Chiptune track to start it and finish it off, a nice way to pay homage to a musical scene that may have faded from view but occupies a large part of our heritage.

Title: “The 4 types of player-creators – Original Article

Written by: Marek Bronstring(

Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on April 25th, 2009

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