Audio Articles #100: What is your Game Design Style?

By on 4-20-2009 in Game Design

Daniel Cook‘s brings us our 100th article today where he talks about the 6 basic design styles from which all games are derived from.  By taking a look and classifying design into these categories a designer is better equipped to prioritize decisions in the future and keep desired elements in the forefront instead of having the game become watered down and less effective.

I would like to take this post to thank all of our AMAZING contributing authors that make possible.. If you haven’t already, scroll down a little bit and check out the contributors section on the left hand side.  These people are the leading minds in our industry, and thankfully the most vocal, and we can all stand to learn a great deal from their wisdom and experience!

Title: “What is your Game Design Style – Original Article

Written by: Daniel Cook(

Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on April 20th, 2009


  1. Congratulations on your 100th podcast, Ryan!

    I don’t see many comments here, but I’d like you to know that I think this is a cool service you’re providing! Keep it up!

    One thing, though — I don’t see a tip jar on your main page?

  2. Thanks man! I definitely appreciate your kind words.. I’ve never really thought about the tip jar, I kind of wanted to just give this out to the masses and never really expected anything in return. Perhaps I’ll consider it here in the future, I was hoping Intel would send me a suitcase full of case to sponsor the podcast, but alas they haven’t responded to my emails 🙂 ha!

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