Audio Article #90(A-C): Transforming the Games Industry into a Well Oiled Machine

By on 3-24-2009 in Business, Indie Development, Management, Software and Programming

We are very excited to offer one of the biggest articles in IB history from  Eric Scharf as he takes an incredibly comprehensive look about the truth of our industry compared to the perceived truth the public has, what it takes to create and maintain an environment in which creative quality products are produced without destroying lives and lastly the very  detailed procedures of starting up a game studio.

Title A: ‘Truth in Advertising, Available Talent, and Work Environment‘ – Original Article

Title B: ‘Balance, Bigger Picture, and Battling the Vicious Cycle‘ – Original Article

Title C: ‘Building Your Own Game Development Studio‘ – Original Article

Written by: Eric Scharf (

Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on March 23rd 2009

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