Audio Article #87(A-D): No silver bullet

By on 3-17-2009 in Management

Clinton Keith is finishing up a big string of articles with this 4 piece compilation that starts with an important piece on Agile not being a silver bullet.  In this he dismisses the myth that Agile is the end all and be all to solve your problems and ensure your studio produces the next big hit.  In the article he goes over some of the other important aspects of what it takes to make a hit and how even studios that are produces hit games can benefit from agile.

Mr. Keith is also putting on a 2 day seminar at GDC this year(March 23 and 24th) and we definitely recommend you head over to for more info!

Title A: No Silver Bullet – Original Article

Title B: Agile Stability – Original Article

Title C: Syncronized Sprint Focus Tests – Original Article

Title D: “Team Definitions Redux – Original Article

Written by: Clinton Keith(

Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on March 17th, 2009

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