Audio Article #77: Basic Team Building and Management

By on 2-23-2009 in Audio Articles, Business, Indie Development, Management

Drew Sikora starts us off this week with his first piece on as well as the first piece in IB history to be read by someone besides myself so I am sure the added vocal diversity will be a welcomed sound to all of your ears.   Today’s piece is a wonderful article for any new manager starting up a team as well as the experienced one.  Some very good steps to go through before forming your team and then insight on things to look out for after it is formed.

Title: “Basic Team Building and Management

Book: Business and Production: A Collectionclick to purchase

Publisher: Course Technology PTR

Written by: Drew Sikora(

Read aloud by: Drew Sikora on February 23rd, 2009

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  1. Thank you! This article definitely confirms that I will be purchasing the book and was very informative. Having just finished a project on a student team that suffered some of the EXACT things mentioned at the end, I feel almost a touch of synchronicity from this being posted! That or this is far too common of a problem. Probably more a little of both, anyway great article and thanks for posting these!

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