Audio Article #64(A-D) Does Size Matter? Replacing The STL – FTL Allocators – Fixed Length Containers

By on 1-23-2009 in Software and Programming

It is with a great pleasure that present the first set of articles written by Lee Winder.  Today we tackle the topics of Code base size and whether or not you should be looking specifically at the size as the problem or merely the symptom of the problem.  After that we go into the STL debate and whether or not you should use it.  We then touch on FTL and finally Fixed Length Containers

Title A: ‘Does Size Matter?‘ – Original Article

Title B: ‘Replacing the STL‘ – Original Article

Title C: ‘FTL Allocators‘ – Original Article

Title D: ‘Fixed Length Containers‘ – Original Article

Written by: Lee Winder (

Read aloud by: Ryan Wiancko on January 23th, 2008

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